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The Natural Spread

by on Apr.19, 2015, under Art, Family, Food, Kids, Media, Miscellaneous, Recreation

When you're in the kitchen, it's natural to want healthy alternatives. For a long time, the popularity of butter was unchallenged for its special qualities. butter01 It was wholesome and natural, just the kind of thing you'd want for your children. butter02 But there were concerns about whether butter had some unhealthy qualities and people began to experiment with alternative substances. boy_shavecream3 Crisco became the popular substitute and its place was enshrined in the jokes of many late night comedians. cris01 It had the right texture. cris03 And it was digestible, in case you just couldn't resist that lovely pie. Le-Marche-St-George-Thanksgiving014-Remodelista For few years Crisco remained popular, but eventually people realized that it had its own side-effects. dhtinkage01 You had to use it in moderation. It was shortening. new_crisco The new formulation of Crisco eliminates the trans fat, but after recent medical studies, butter is coming back into favor. lolbutter Butter is wholesome and natural. It's better with butter! better_with_butter
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Mac and Cheese To Kill For

by on Jun.23, 2010, under Crime, Family, Food

Most Americans aren't particular about their food, but when it comes to delicacies with strong regional preferences like barbecue or hot dogs, they have strong opinions.  In Waterville, WA, an argument over how to cook macaroni & cheese led to violence.

Kolya enjoying Macaroni & Cheese made with real butter

Officer Carrie Knouf of the East Wenatchee police responded to a call from a 21 year old, who said that his 17 year old sister had tried to slice his neck with the serrated edge of a spatula. The sister said she was making macaroni & cheese, when her brother asked her if she was using butter or margerine.    They argued over the difference, and then started shoving each other, at which point the sister allegedly tried to cut her brother with the spatula.  The girl was charged in the Douglas County Superior Court with 4th degree assault.
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