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Road Kill

by on Aug.27, 2012, under Culture, Health

China is experiencing unprecedented economic growth, and over the past twenty years, traffic in China has exploded. As the middle class expands, people buy cars and commute to work. The new industry has resulted in a huge increase in truck traffic, and trucks are the main cause of road congestion and accidents.

When a scooter pulled out in front of him, the driver of this truck swerved to avoid him, but the heavily laden truck overturned.

The driver, Yang Fu, told police in the Yuhuan, Zhejiang province that he was forced to brake hard when the scooter emerged in front of him, turning over and spilling his load of hot tar.

The victim's scooter was crushed under the overturned truck.

The victim was buried under 10 tons of hot tar.

"The bitumen poured out all over the man on the bike. You could smell it burning. There were some terrible screams and then silence," said witness Liu Jin. Firefighters needed special heat proof boots as they searched for the biker's body in the tar, which was being kept at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius in the truck

"He was beyond saving. He would have been dead within the first minute," said an emergency services spokesman.

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Ruff Ruff Life

by on Feb.23, 2012, under Animals, Culture, Family, Health

Tom Zeilenga adopted abused puppy Ruff Ruff last year. The nine-month-old Catahoula Leopard joined his two other dogs at his home in Wilmington, Illinois. While he was out celebrating New Year's Eve, a fire broke out, trapping his three dogs. A neighbor who spotted the fire managed to save the two older dogs, but the terrified puppy ran through the burning house. Ruff Ruff was discovered five hours later, badly burned and whimpering under a porch. She refused to let animal rescuers to assist her until her owner arrived. She sustained third degree burns. She's being treated at a Tinley Park animal hospital. Animal charity PAWS raised awareness of the puppy's plight and her large medical bill and the local community joined together to raise $8,000 towards her expenses. Ruff Ruff suffered severe burns around her eyes, ears, back, and all her pads on her feet were burned off. Her thick coat is thought to have saved her life. She has undergone a couple of skin removal surgeries and skin grafts. While her feet are getting better, she has lost part of her ears due to burn damage.
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Second Skin

by on Feb.20, 2012, under Consumer, Health, Kids, Miscellaneous, Technology

Serious burn injuries are one of the hardest things to recover from. It's a long painful process, and leaves the victim susceptible to infection. The skin grafts and scar tissue don't have the flexibility of normal skin and may cause embarrassment and discomfort for life. Even when the damage isn't apparent to everybody, it can destroy the burn sufferer's self-esteem. When two year old Zed Merrick, from Lincolnshire, knocked a cup of hot tea off the kitchen counter, he suffered from second degree burns across his chest and shoulder.   He was expected to have disfiguring scars for life, but four months after a new treatment, he's showing remarkable improvement.

ReCell is a spray that's formulated from Zed's own skin cells. The normal procedure would involve bandages and dressings, which would have to be changed daily. Zed would have needed skin grafts and surgery. With the ReCell procedure, the new skin will be flexible, and since it's made from his own skin cells, it shouldn't be rejected.

After just a few weeks of treatment the improvement was noticeable as the skin healed.

The healing progressed a lot faster than it would have with more traditional treatment.

In just a few weeks, the results are obvious.

Zed suffered his horrendous injuries on October 13 last year at the home in Ulceby, Lincolnshire, where he lives with his businesswoman mother Nicola

and father Chunky, a sound-engineer.

The experimental procedure is still expensive, but Zed will not need skin grafts or further surgery. The procedure was performed at Pinderfields hospital, Wakefield, Yorkshire.

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Prodigal Son

by on Jul.18, 2011, under Crime, Family, Parenting, War and Terrorism

Mothers and their sons don't always agree on everything. But they ought to try to get along. Konrad Schmidt, 47, of Oberhallau, Switzerland hasn't had a good relationship with his mother for a few years. Neighbors said he had a long-running feud with his mother. "They had a lot of heavy issues over a lot of things," one said. He phoned his mother to tell her he was dropping by. And he meant it literally. He buzzed his mother's house three times in a leased Diamond Aircraft DA42. Knowing his mother was inside, he dived into the house and crashed, resulting in a huge fireball and explosion. Konrad's mother, Rosemary Schmidt, 68 survived. She was in the basement when he struck. Neighbors helped to rescue her from the rubble. Mrs Schmidt, who is being treated for shock, told police that shortly before the crash her son telephoned her from the cockpit to say, "Are you home? I am just going to drop by." Witnesses said there was no possibility that it had been an accident. One bystander said, "He had all these flypasts. He was lining himself up. And then he did it. It was like seeing a mini re-run of 9/11."

Mother and son (before he learns to fly)

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At Close Range

by on Jul.10, 2011, under Health, Weapons

Sean Murphy, 38, of Doncaster, South Yorks, Scotland had a wart on his finger. It was unsightly. And the itching was driving him crazy. He tried several over the counter remedies. But they were ineffective. Or even worse, they were ineffective and tasted awful. So he took the matter, and a 12 ga. Beretta shotgun in hand and solved the problem once and for all. He shot off most of the middle finger of his right hand. “I’m happy with that, he said. "The best thing is the wart has gone. It was giving me a lot of trouble. It was as big as my thumbnail. I’d tried all sorts of things, but it wouldn’t go. I didn’t expect to lose my finger – there was nothing left of it.”

Boy illustrating what Sean Murphy is no longer able to do.

Although there were no charges for performing surgery without a license, he received a 16-week sentence suspended for 18 months for possessing an illegal firearm.

Next: How Sean Murphy handled his genital warts.

Frogs believe they can get warts from touching a boy

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