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Best Laid Plans

by on Aug.18, 2014, under Miscellaneous

Sometimes the best way to cover up your illegal activities is to go underground. kremnos4 That was the idea of a resident of a property on McGills Road at Kremnos, in NSW Australia. kremnos3 A shipping container was buried underground like a survival bunker. Located in a remote area surrounded by bush, it looked like it would offer complete privacy. kremnos_fire1 But the McGills Road fire in Kremnos, part of a 700 hectare fire that threatened more than a dozen homes near Blackbutt Road and Curlew Drive, turned the area into a blackened wasteland. kremnos_after Once under fire, the secret was revealed. When police and RFS personnel inspected the properties around the area, they stumbled over some electrical wires in the dirt. kremnos5 The wires led to a hatch, which opened into the mysterious bunker. kremnos6 Equipped with high power lights and ventilation, the bunker was an ideal location for growing marijuana in secrecy. kremnos2 118 cannabis plants were discovered. The hydroponically grown marijuana emerged unscathed from the fire that destroyed the surrounding area and homes. kremnos1 A 68 year old local resident was arrested and charged with enhanced indoor commercial cannabis cultivation, drug supply, and drug possession.
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For Sale: House With Finished Basement

by on Jul.09, 2010, under History, War and Terrorism

This house is for sale in Aberdeenshire, Scotland for $ 400,000. For that price you'd expect a lot of amenities and a prime location.   It's near the coast, but it was last occupied in 1978 and needs some maintenance and remodeling.  The reason for the high price is because of the finished basement. The description reads:  "adjoining the house is a subterranean structure which is believed to have been constructed as a military facility in the 1950’s as a military command centre and operated until approximately 1985". "The access is adjacent to the lodge and then descends almost 18 metres by a narrow sloping corridor. It then transcends into a labyrinth of rooms with one area reflecting a Second World War plotting centre or something out of the James Bond movie Dr No." The "vast underground facility" totals around 9,000 sq ft, complete with plotting room, accommodation, toilet, kitchen and a "safe room" protected by "huge steel doors". The complex was originally constructed in 1953 as a Centimetric Early Warning radar station designed to "provide coverage of the North Sea and north coast of Scotland, and give advance warning of the approach of any potential threats". The building was taken out of commission in 1978, and the five radar installations were removed, so the new owner will have to supply his own defenses.
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