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Flooding the Market

by on Jan.01, 2013, under Consumer, Environment, Nature

Some people picked an unfortunate spot to park.


Others couldn't find them where they left them.


Lots of cars were submerged by floodwaters.


Many of the cars are obviously beyond repair and will be scrapped.


But others will just be cleaned up.



Some of these cars were under 3 feet or more of water. The wiring may be corroded by saltwater. But the insurance companies that own the cars hope to sell most of them to new owners who could fix them up and put them back on the road. Most of the cars are fairly new


At present, about 15,000 storm-ravaged vehicles are parked bumper-to-bumper on runways and taxiways at the Calverton Executive Airport on Long Island, which years ago was the site of a Grumman aircraft manufacturing plant where the military assembled F-14 and tested lunar roving vehicles.

Insurance Auto Auctions Corp. has agreed to pay the town of Riverhead, which owns the airport, $3,200 per month for every acre taken up by the cars. The city expects to collect about $ 2.7 million.


The auto dealers group, and the Illinois firm that plans to auction thousands of cars from Sandy, said car buyers can trace a vehicle's history through online databases from the insurance and auto industries that disclose whether they were salvaged from storms. sandy-c6 In a recent bulletin, the National Automobile Dealers Association, a trade group, said damaged cars "offer a tempting opportunity for criminals to defraud unsuspecting consumers." But a spokesman said the group would not support moves to destroy the cars. sandy-cal2
Meanwhile,the state Department of Environmental Conservation has filed notices of violation against the property owners and the Texas firm responsible for the vehicles claiming that the thousands of storm-damaged cars stored in Calverton pose a direct threat to two endangered species.
DEC officials say part of that storage area is within 1,000 feet of a known breeding pond for the endangered tiger salamander and within the grassland foraging habitat of the threatened northern harrier bird of prey.
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Headed For Infamy

by on Feb.23, 2012, under Crime, Drugs, Health

Carlos Rodriguez got his 15 minutes of fame two years ago when he was arrested for soliciting prostitution. His mug shot was posted online, and it rapidly spread around the world. Many thought it was a hoax. But Carlos "Halfy" Rodriguez lost a large portion of his brain and skull in a crash after flying through his car's windshield and landing on his head on the road. He was 14. "I was barred out on drugs. I was driving and I hit a pole and flew out the front window and landed on my head," he said in a new warning message on You Tube. Showing his head to camera he added "And this is how the old boy has come out. That is why it is not good drinking and driving or drugness and driving. It is no good kids." But he admits that he still smokes a lot of pot. "This is what I do daily; burn a stake (joint). Obama is the President of ya'll United States and he smokes. Fucker has the whole White House growing. Then why can't I smoke me a blunt?". Halfy, who also goes by the name Sosa, is still waiting for an answer from Obama.
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Backseat Driver

by on Feb.06, 2011, under Crime

Some people just can't stand being alone. Others don't want to be seen alone and ask their cousin to prom. And if a driving companion is what you want, people have come up with some innovative ideas. Maybe it's your favorite childhood pal.

Or some random guy you picked up from the homeless shelter.

Or your special ... "girl".

The idea is to save time by using the HOV (high occupancy vehicle) lanes, but you have to meet the requirements or risk a hefty fine.

In most cases you need two or more people, and that's by item, not weight. So people without friends to commute with have to be creative.

A man in Houston was discovered to be traveling with a dummy after an accident in the HOV lanes.

Michael Hooper denied he was using the mannequin to sneak solo into the HOV lane.

“I was not using him for that purpose,” said Hooper, 54, an information technology consultant. “I was transporting him somewhere. He was in the front seat.”

Hooper declined to explain where he was taking the mannequin and said he couldn't say anything about what led to the crash itself because he needed to speak with his insurance company.

And while Dora the Explorer is out exploring, her cousin Diego is riding in the HOV lanes. At least he has his seatbelt fastened.
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Auto Erotic Fixation

by on Nov.06, 2010, under Culture, Drugs, Education, Family, Kids, Recreation

I'm in love with my car, got a feel for my automobile. -- Queen Since the first motorized vehicles were produced, men have had a love affair with their cars. Cars were curvaceous and sexy.

They appeal to the opposite sex.

For some people its the love of a lifetime.

Some may even develop lifelong driving habits early.

As childish innocence turns to adolescence, styles may change but the object of affection remains the same. In the 1950's it was every adolescent's dream to lose his subcompact toy and get a full-size woody.

Many of the cars were purchased with money from parents so less well-endowed kids got woodies that weren't much bigger than the toy of their youth.

Auto eroticism had really taken over the culture.

Got a grip on your boy racer roll bar, what a thrill when your radials squeal.

But somewhere along the line, the message was garbled. Blame it on high gas prices, or the lack of jobs for kids. Auto-eroticism has turned into a deadly thrill.

If you haven't heard of this popular teen sport, Auto-erotic asphyxiation (AEA) is the practice of cutting off the blood supply to the brain through self-applied suffocation methods while masturbating.By limiting the blood supply to the brain, AEA can induce cerebral anoxia, a deficiency of oxygen in the brain.Oxygen deficiency in the brain is thought to intensify sensations, producing feelings of giddiness, lightheadedness, or exhilaration that can heighten the orgasmic experience.

It probably came from the observation that men executed by hanging often got an erection and sometimes ejaculated. It's described in detail in the Marquis de Sade's Justine and is mentioned in Beckett's Waiting for Godot. It's part of actor Keith Carradine's legacy. Some adolescent deaths blamed on suicide might really have been accidental.

"Auto-erotic asphyxiation" sounds awfully clinical, so kids have adopted a lot of euphemisms. It's also known as "the choking game", "the fainting game", "riding a rocket", "flat liner", "space monkey", and many other names.

You can play alone or with a friend. The idea is to limit oxygen to the brain. As an extra bonus, pressing against the cartoid artery causes vasodilation and significantly speeds up the effect.

A Center for Disease Control report describes the results of an analysis of death certificates, which identified 82 probable choking-game deaths among youths aged 6--19 years, during 1995--2007. Seventy-one (86.6%) of the decedents were male, and the mean age was 13.3 years.

Tyler Tristan Mison 1996-2009


Frankie Yakely IV 1994-2006


Daniel Caleb Sheppard 1994-2006


Kyle Kelly McCarthy 1992-2005


Dylan Blake 1994-2005


Jesse Daviau 1992-2005


Gabriel Harry Mordcai 1992-2005


Jesse Grant 1994-2006


There is no correlation between the choking game and use of recreational drugs. Most of the fatalities occurred while an adult was at home. Many of the victims are bright, involved, popular kids doing well in school. Adolescents are auto-erotic by nature. That's why they sometimes have to keep a textbook in front of them when they're asked to get up in class, or talk to a girl, or breathe. They make condoms for kids, but not Viagra. They don't need it. Asphyxiation will not enhance your sexual experience, and it can have deleterious side effects.

Adolescent boy condensed into single Viagra tablet

The only auto-erotica that should be found hanging is an air freshener.

Told my girl I'll have to forget her Rather buy me a new carburetor So she made tracks sayin This is the end now Cars don't talk back They're just four wheeled friends now http://chokinggame.net/

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Parking in Zurich

by on Aug.26, 2010, under Culture, Health, Pornography, Recreation

You can take care of a lot of things while staying in your car.  There are drive-up windows for fast food. You can do your banking. Drop off or pick up your dry cleaning.

You can even go grocery shopping by drive-through.

Paradoxically, there are even drive-through liquor stores.

You can pick up your stuff at the drug store.

Zurich police chief Daniel Leupi loves the idea of drive-up convenience, so he's adopting a model that's already being used in Essen and Cologne, Germany: Drive-in prostitution.

Discreet spot for a quick one

The idea is to let prostitutes ply their trade more discreetly. Zurich has a thriving red light district, and local homeowners have lodged thousands of complaints about the activities.

'They get up to all sorts in broad daylight - and we're sick to death of looking at it,' said one.

Police spokesman Reto Casanova said: 'We can't get rid of prostitution, so have to learn how to control it.'

Always know the height of your vehicle before you use the drive-up

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