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When Cats Attack

by on Sep.09, 2016, under Animals, Health

Cats are known for their docile and gentle nature. tiger-dog1 That's why they're so popular as pets. tiger-dog2 But sometimes even the most amenable creature can have a bad day. bill-the-cat And that might explain what happened to Kyla Grover, of Victoria, British Columbia, when she was out with a walking group called Pit Bulls of Victoria B.C. one evening. mag7 A cat, named Baby, charged them. cat-baby   The attack sent one of the dogs to the veterinarian and the pup’s owner to the emergency room. cat-pitbull_3 “The cat is swiping at them and latched onto one of the dog’s faces,” Grover told the Victoria Times Colonist. “I got bit and scratched in the process of trying to separate them.” “I spent the whole night at emergency because cat bites are nasty.” cat-pitbull_1 The Times Colonist reported that the cat’s owner agreed to foot a $222 veterinarian bill for one of the dogs, Bandida, which ended up with a scratched face. cat-pitbull_4 The cat’s owner, 78-year-old Betty Jean Thompson, said that the cat was startled when one of the dogs showed a friendly interest. “She’s kind of a slow sort of thinking cat, but one thing is she is very protective of me,” Thompson said. cat-pitbull_2
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Outdoor Safety Tips: Mountain Lions

by on Jul.24, 2014, under Animals, Education, Environment, Health, Nature

The mountain lion, also known as the cougar, puma, and panther isn't especially large, but they can bound up to 40 feet and leap 15 feet up to a tree. Typically found in the West, mountain lions have been sighted in Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, and even Connecticut. cougar_young What should you do if you encounter one? Avoid it if at all possible. Otherwise, follow these handy safety tips. mlhabitat Frankly, we'd rather take our chances with the mountain lion rather than giving a cat a bath. cattack02 cattack01 If you have to fight, here's are some strategies you can try. mountain_lion_safety  
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Call Of The Wild

by on Feb.24, 2013, under Animals, Crime, Food, Nature

Natalie Armitage said that she went to Crewe for dental treatment, but her son was sick so she was away longer than planned. The said that she thought she was away for around six nights. jeffcat1 But when RSPCA inspectors could not gain admittance to the house after several attempts out of animal welfare concern, they called the police. When they gained entrance, they found the house in darkness. Eventually Armitage came to the door. jeffcat2   The RSPCA officers asked where the hamster was. "I think the cat has eaten it." was her reply. Jeffrey the cat was only allowed to drink water from the toilet and eat stale dog biscuits so in desperation he mauled the rodent, a court heard. Prosecutor Tanya Forrest described the scene. "In the living room the hamster cage was broken into pieces and there was no sign of the hamster... I think that is evidenced by the cage - the cat broke into it... Regrettably, the consequence was the hamster met its fate." jeffcat3 Natalie Armitage was fined £50 with £200 costs and a £15 pounds victim surcharge, and was disqualified from keeping animals for five years. A deprivation order was made to take Jeffrey out of her custody. jeffcat4 After the case, an RSPCA spokesperson said, "This is a very sad situation for  both the cat and the hamster. Both were left to fend for themselves for nearly  a whole week. It is not the cat's fault that he found himself drawn, through hunger, to seek out his only option for sustenance. But on the other hand, one can only imagine the hamster's terror as his cage was broken apart. It is an offence to leave your pets without arranging for their basic welfare needs to be taken care of."
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Demise Of The Living Dead

by on Sep.19, 2011, under Culture, Family, Food, Health, History, Nature, Religion, Technology, War and Terrorism, Weapons

Fighting zombies is a risky proposition. They're not always slow and lumbering as they're often portrayed, they don't need a lot of logistic support, and they're very persistent. To stop them, you have to blow their heads apart. Large caliber guns and flamethrowers are the weapons of choice. If you're scratched or bit by a zombie, you should seek immediate medical attention. If your zombie state persists for more than four hours, do not eat living people. Our ancestors knew that prevention is better than administering a cure. Despite not having the benefits of advanced scientific research that we enjoy today, they came up with ingenious methods of preventing zombies from escaping their graves. From the victorian era, a zombie would have had a difficult time getting out of the burial vault, and then it would still encounter the iron bars. These were apparently very effective as there were few reports of zombie invasions during the period when this was popular. In Ireland, a number of 8th century skeletons were found buried with large stones in their mouths. Researchers believe the locals used the stones to prevent the dead from returning to walk the earth as a zombie. "In this case, the stones in the mouth might have acted as a barrier to stop revenants from coming back from their graves," Dr Christopher Read said. According to the archeologist, the mouth "was viewed as the main portal for the soul to leave the body upon death. Sometimes, the soul could come back to the body and re-animate it or else an evil spirit could enter the body through the mouth and bring it back to life."

Some Famous Contemporary Zombies:

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Sudden Impact

by on Jun.17, 2011, under Animals, Crime, Family, Health, Kids, Nature

There is no better companion for  boy than a dog.

If you grow up with a dog, he's a member of the family. It's just like having a brother or sister with a hair disorder.

It's something that spans cultures.

And ages.

A dog is better than a Nintendo, Xbox, and Playstation.

A puppy is better than a brother or sister.



They give you a great sense of security.

We feel as if we understand each other.

But things can change in an instant.

Usually they're just playing. Dogs can be a little rough.

Logan Trim, 3, was at a family picnic in a park at Poole Harbour, Dorset, England when a Labrador attacked without warning.

The attack left him covered in blood, and he needed 40 stitches to close the wounds on his face. The attack took place as his mother bent down to pet a puppy.

Stitches were sewn into his face from the bottom of his eye to the middle of his mouth, and his cheek swelled to the size of  tennis ball. He may be scarred for life.

Lara Slingsby, Logan's mother, said, "We had been in the park for a family day out as it was lovely and sunny. We had a picnic and Logan had just got off the swings in the park because his granddad had gone to the car to get his kite. We saw a lady sat down about 40 feet away. She had the dog, which looked like a Labrador, and a puppy with her. She saw us and smiled so we walked over to her. Logan was a couple of steps behind me. The dog was off the lead and right next to a children's park so I assumed it would be fine. I put my hand up to the Labrador dog and it sniffed my hand and then I went over to the puppy. I didn't see what happened but Logan wasn't running or shouting and didn't do anything to provoke it. The next thing I knew I heard growling and screaming. I looked around and saw Logan lying on the floor. The dog was just getting off him. Logan is recovering now and is back running around and playing and his face has healed. Because he is so young his skin should heal but he is definitely going to have some scarring." Cameron Withers, 8, was visiting his aunt in West Bromwich, Birmingham, England. He was playing with her Border Collie, Dexter, when the dog suddenly bit him on the head, face, arm, and fingers. Cameron's mother Sarah Edgington, said, "It was absolutely horrendous. He was just playing catch in the back garden with his dad and the dog just went for him. It mauled him and he has had to have surgery on the back of his head. The police officer said he hadn't seen anything like it in 18 years. It bit his face, arm, fingers and badly on the back of his head.  His dad saved his life but we were so close to having to go to his funeral." Cameron was taken to Sandwell Hospital and later transferred to Birmingham Children's Hospital for surgery. He's recovering at home.

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Girls Field Strip AR-15 and Boy-11

by on Jun.07, 2011, under Crime, Education, Family, Games, Kids, Media, Nature, Parenting, Pornography, Recreation

McKenzie is an 11 year old girl. Her father says she's a "damn good cook" and makes mashed potatoes that melt in your mouth. She can also field strip an AR-15 in under a minute. She's said to be popular with the boys in her class, especially when she sends notes asking "Do you like me?" [ ] Yes [ ] No She hasn't received a single negative response since the video was posted. While McKenzie was practicing her field stripping skills, so were three 13 year old girls from Dunbar Middle School in Fort Myers, Fl. Their victim was an unidentified 11 year old who attended Ray Pottorf Elementary School.

"He stopped to chat with a friend, and they thought it would be funny." said the boy's mother. While one girl records the assault, two of the 13 year old girls attacked the boy, knocking him to the ground. One of the girls held him down by his arms, while the other pulled off his bathing suit. The boy is heard frantically asking them to stop. The event was posted to Youtube. The boy's mother first heard about it when her older son told her that friends at school showed him the video. "Nobody cares, nobody cares," the mother said. "If this was my son doing it to a little girl there would have been lights and sirens at my door." The police report taken Tuesday described the incident twice as a "prank" and says "police incident closed." The original video was posted on Youtube, but has been removed. The broadcast image has been blurred to protect the identity of the victim. http://www.fox4now.com/story/14821011/11-year-old-stripped-naked-bullied-on-video
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Splitting Headache

by on Feb.19, 2011, under Crime, Health, Weapons

If your headache lasts for more than four years, see a doctor. If it's a splitting headache, you might want to get it checked out sooner. Li Fuyan, 30, suffered from severe headaches and had trouble breathing since he was mugged four years earlier. Li Fuyan said a robber had stabbed him on the right side of his jaw. "As time passed, I used injections to kill the pain in my head and ears," Li, 30, told Chinese state TV. "It has been four years already." The 4" knife blade stuck inside his head since the attack was determined to be the culprit, and surgeons successfully removed it. Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/galleries/the_x_factor_amazing_xrays/the_x_factor_amazing_xrays.html#ixzz1ERVHW12T
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Turning the Tables

by on Oct.23, 2010, under Crime

It's a novel approach, but if it works...

The would-be mugger got away, but police have released this description:

Asian appearance, aged between 20 and 30, about 175cm tall, with a slim build medium length brown hair, and a satisfied grin.

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The Consequences of Not Doing Your Homework

by on Aug.07, 2010, under Education, Kids

Kids, and even parents, complain about the volume of homework kids bring home from school.  Some researchers think that too much homework is counterproductive. If a child in the US doesn't finish his homework, there may be consequences.  It can affect his grades, make him miss out on recess, or require a detention. Discipline is harsh is some classrooms in China.  10 year-old 5th grader Chao Qun Zheng went to his elementary school in HeNan, China in December 2008 without completing his homework assignment.  When his teacher Guo found out, she went ballistic. “She was very angry at the time,” he said. “She ripped and twisted my cheeks with both her hands and then she lifted me off the ground.” The teacher held the boy up until one of his cheeks actually ripped off and the boy was bleeding profusely.  She then reached down and picked up Zheng’s cheek skin, put it on his face, and instructed the boy go home immediately. His parents took him to the hospital where it required 52 stitches to close the wound.  They have reported the incident to the police.
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