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System Administrator Appreciation Day

by on Jul.30, 2010, under Technology

Computer systems are such an integral part of our lives and work that we take them for granted until something goes wrong.  If you own a car, or have indoor plumbing, you know that things don't run smoothly without regular attention. but people rarely think about what their System Administrators deal with.

Monster destroying server co-location facility

They have to have plans to deal with natural disasters.  Lightning, or a monster, could strike at any moment.

Raw sewage leaks under raised floor

They don't just work on computers.  There are environmental issues too.  You may get plumbing leaks, floods, or air conditioner failures.

Overheated equipment after air conditioning failure

They have to deal with the ignorant, grumpy, self-important users from hell.

User discovering that his favorite porn site is blocked

User with extraordinarily high expectations, thinks he's Steve Jobs

And then there are the machines themselves, which often take on an their own character.

Server resisting update that's for its own good

So please give your system administrators the respect that they deserve, especially today, System Administrator Appreciation Day!


So the next time you call Tech Support and you hear the technician screeching in the background, "Mommy, Timmy is hitting me again." give him a break.

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