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Society’s Mark

by on Aug.17, 2014, under Art, Culture, Health, Kids, Religion

Body modification has been a tradition for some people for hundreds of years. The Padaung, in Burma, are part of the Karen Lahwi ethnic group. Padaung01 From an early age, the women wear rings, with more added periodically to make their necks longer. Padaung02 A long neck is considered by the group to be a sign of beauty. Paduang03 Their dedication to the tradition continues so they can be the most beautiful women of the tribe. Stretching and ritual scarification are seen as a form of initiation into adulthood; expression of art; or it may distinguish a village or tribe. scar_ethiopa01 In Djougou, Benin, tribal scars are displayed proudly. They aren't just for tribal identity. They also convey personal information. scar05 They need to be done at a young age, but due to their importance, the kids are anxious to get it done. CHU Liege Sart Tilman  Accueil entrŽe verrire They happily participate in the joyous ritual. Child during a Scarification Ceremony The pain is brief. Child during a Scarification Ceremony But the scars last for a lifetime. Child during a Scarification Ceremony Eventually the wounds heal. scar06 The Chambri tribe in Papua, New Guinea, scarify to pay tribute to their origin legend. chambri_manfrom They believe that man evolved from crocodiles, and became land-dwelling when they emerged from the Sepik River, which runs along the Chambri Lake. chambri_croc01 So they scar their bodies to resemble crocodile skin. chambri_croc03 The wounds have to heal in a controlled way to raise the scars so prominently. chambri_croc02 The process is incredibly painful. chambri_croc04 This video shows how these scars are made. Circumcision is another popular body modification. It signifies that a boy is a full-fledged adult member of a tribe, with the accompanying privileges, such as hunting, becoming a warrior, and taking a wife. The Ndebele, a bantu-speaking tribe from South Africa and Zimbabwe, has a two month circumcision ritual, during which each boy receives a tribal name that identifies him for life. ukuwela The Xhosa smear the lucky man with mud after the ritual is complete to insure that he will turn the color of manhood. RP939cm05.tif Although these rituals have been performed hundreds of times, there are sometimes complications. Here are pictures of some of them. We're more of a fan of temporary tattoos. ttat2 They can express your tribal affiliation and personality without all the trauma. ttat3  
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Fetishes Togo

by on Jan.20, 2013, under Animals, Culture, Health, Religion

Togo, in west Africa, isn't a big tourist destination. Its income is mostly from exports of cotton, cocoa, coffee, palm oil, and phosphates for fertilizer. It's also the major world exporter of .tg domain names. As the political instability wanes, tourism is increasing, and there are a number of attractions worth seeing. Most tourists visit Lomé, the largest city in Togo. togo-beach2 There are beautiful beaches to enjoy in a typical equatorial climate. togo-beachrules Strict guidelines ensure that the beaches remain clean and hygienic. togo-marketfood There's a colorful Grand Market where you can get everything that a good equatorial African department store should have. togo-textiles   The Grand Market has food, clothes, household goods, and traditional medicinal herbs and remedies. But for the really potent remedies, you'll need to visit the Fetish Market close to the center of the city. Fetish is an upscale word for Voodoo.














fmtogo02 vmtogo01

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Reigning Cats and Dogs

by on Aug.29, 2011, under Animals, Nature

Sometimes cats and dogs fight like, well, cats and dogs. But they're not really natural enemies.   In fact they can develop close relationships despite their differences. 18-month-old Norman, a bloodhound, and Bhubesi,a six month old lion cub, live at the Tshukudu Game Reserve in South Africa. The puppy was brought to the spot, in the north of the country, to chase off poachers, and immediately took the cub under his wing. The lion joins the dog on walks, even taking his lead in his mouth and trying to pull the massive puppy around. Bhubesi was rejected by his mother and is being hand raised at the reserve by head ranger Jaco Venter. The lion cub and puppy compete for Jaco's attention. According to Jaco, "Norman is a new arrival at the reserve and has been trained to track poachers, which has been on the increase in recent times in South Africa. Right now Norman is the boss despite Bhubesi believing he probably is. But give it a year or so and Bhubesi really will be as he starts to develop." Photographer Stu Porter added, "The walk helps train the dog to be out in the bush and the lion comes along as he likes to follow his buddy. They are always very friendly, except at meal times where instinct takes over - but then they are fed separately. It's amazing to watch how close their bond has become and I'm looking forward to going back and seeing how it develops." It is not known if Stu was fed to the lion for that stupid photography joke.  
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June 3, 2010 Today’s Headlines

by on Jun.03, 2010, under Headlines

South Africa has its own version of Facebook to bully schoolkids Appropriately named outoilet http://www.ioltechnology.co.za/article_page.php?iSectionId=2891&iArticleId=5490113 Toddlers on tobacco Grandma thinks he looks plenty healthy http://www.smh.com.au/world/toddlers-on-tobacco-the-tragedy-of-the-big-picture-20100527-wglf.html Welsh cyclists told to dismount for bladder inflammation upset http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/wales/south_east/4794753.stm Cage fighter rips out training partner's heart He was still using it at the time http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?set_id=1&click_id=3&art_id=iol1275282339635C212
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