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Jonas’ Brother

by on Feb.20, 2014, under Culture, Education, Family, Kids, Nature, Parenting

When we posted Two of a Kind two years ago, we wrote about Jonas and Wyatt Maines, identical twins with a big difference. maines3 Wyatt had a much more refined sense of style. And he knew he wanted to be a girl from the age of two. By fifth grade, her name was legally changed to Nicole. Her family, especially her identical twin brother, were very supportive of the changes. Recently the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, the highest court in the state, ruled in favor of the family, which accused the Orono school district of discrimination by prohibiting Nicole from using the student bathrooms. We're happy to see that the courts supported her rights to be treated according to her gender, though disappointed that it took four years. maines10 The heartwarming photos of the family show how adversity cements relationships. maines12 We hope Jonas continues his strong support for his identical twin sister. maines11
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