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Touch of Reality

by on May.22, 2013, under Consumer, Family, Kids, Recreation, Toys

Advertising has accustomed us to disappointment. The picture doesn't always reflect reality. fastfoodreal   Although the optimists among us hope otherwise, we know that the picture on the box is a "serving suggestion.


When it's a manufactured product, you might expect a photograph of the actual item, possibly even shown in use. insta-pool23But like a Whopper, the actual product might not resemble the picture. pool-actual At least the people are real. pool-touchmom As Heisenberg taught us, the more precisely we can identify the subject, the less certain we are of its location. pool-badtouch It looks like the boys are having a good time. But we're not going to be fooled by the picture on the box and run out and buy one of these. Elmo McQueen
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