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Actual Size

by on Jul.10, 2011, under Consumer, Media, Recreation

You don't always get truth in advertising, and pictures are often photoshopped or taken from a weird angle to confuse your perspective. If you're looking for a small, intimate gym, this is for you.
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Snake Attack

by on Jul.10, 2011, under Animals, Family, Nature

The American Pit Bull Terrier is often maligned, and has even been banned in some localities. They are fiercely loyal, loving dogs when raised properly, but the popularity of the breed means that there are a lot of neglected pit bulls of dubious parentage. They have a bad reputation just because they eat an occasional baby. But you'll never convince the Fronteras, from Barangay Lapasan in the northern Philippines. Their pitbull, Chief, is a hero. In Tagalog, one of the languages spoken in the northern Philippines, the word "kuya" refers to an honored older person, like a big brother or respected family friend. The Fronteras children treated Chief like a member of the family and called the dog “Kuya Chief". He saved 87-year-old Liberata la Victoria and her granddaughter Maria Victoria Fronteras after a cobra entered through an opening in the family’s kitchen shortly around 8 a.m. “The snake was in front of us., maneuvering a deadly attack,” Sabelita quoted Maria Victoria as saying. “I screamed out loud to ask for help.” Hearing this, the four-year old pit bull terrier dashed from its sleeping area to fight off the deadly snake, said Sabelita quoting Maria Victoria. The cobra fought back and bit Chief at the lower left portion of the jaw. The dog then repeatedly slammed the cobra after it succeeded in immobilizing the snake with its sharp teeth, she said. Dela Rama said la Victoria was watching television when she panicked and alerted her granddaughter. The old lady said the cobra was about to attack her and the dog came to her rescue. Maria Victoria said she saw the cobra expand its neck as soon as she turned the lights on. She said the cobra looked like it was spitting as its inched closer, about a meter away, toward her. De la Rama said the terrier, “out of nowhere,” jumped on the cobra , bit it the neck, and then shook it till it died. Moments later, the dog slouched flat and fainted, spreading its arms and feet on the floor, after killing the killer snake. De la Rama said the dog went wobbly and lost control of its organs some 30 minutes after being bitten by the cobra; it started to urinate and defecate uncontrollably as it grasped for air and panted heavily. The Fronterases sought the help of veterinarian but they were reportedly told that it was too late because the snake bite was near the dog’s brain and the venom had already spread. Sabilita said Marlone rushed home when his wife called him up to tell him of what had happened and the dog’s master was stunned. The Fronteras children were deeply affected according to Sabelita. The last thing Chief did was wag his tail and gaze at Marlone who had just come from work, said Sabelita. “Chief gave his two deep breaths and died. He was fighting and saving his last ounces of breath to see a glimpse of his master for the last two seconds of his life,” added dela Rama.
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At Close Range

by on Jul.10, 2011, under Health, Weapons

Sean Murphy, 38, of Doncaster, South Yorks, Scotland had a wart on his finger. It was unsightly. And the itching was driving him crazy. He tried several over the counter remedies. But they were ineffective. Or even worse, they were ineffective and tasted awful. So he took the matter, and a 12 ga. Beretta shotgun in hand and solved the problem once and for all. He shot off most of the middle finger of his right hand. “I’m happy with that, he said. "The best thing is the wart has gone. It was giving me a lot of trouble. It was as big as my thumbnail. I’d tried all sorts of things, but it wouldn’t go. I didn’t expect to lose my finger – there was nothing left of it.”

Boy illustrating what Sean Murphy is no longer able to do.

Although there were no charges for performing surgery without a license, he received a 16-week sentence suspended for 18 months for possessing an illegal firearm.

Next: How Sean Murphy handled his genital warts.

Frogs believe they can get warts from touching a boy

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Kids Dye Young

by on Jul.10, 2011, under Art, Consumer, Culture, Health, Kids

At one time tattoos were relegated to sailors, drunks, drunk sailors and carnival freaks. Then tattoos became trendy, and they went from simple figures to elaborate body art. People inked everything from their hobbies and interests to their kids. Then they started tattooing their kids. Or the kids could do it themselves with the iTattoo. Of course, they're washable. That is, unless you're an idiot like Eugene Ashley. The Floyd County, Georgia man was charged with child cruelty for allegedly tattooing his 3-year-old son. The child told investigators he cried and begged his daddy not to do it but said his father held him down and tattooed his right shoulder. The child told that caseworker that his daddy -- Eugene Ashley -- made the tattoo on his shoulder. The child stated he cried and told his daddy to stop, but Eugene held the child down and finished the tattoo. "DB" stands for "Daddy's Boy". A temporary tattoo isn't supposed to hurt. Modern transfer tattoos are alcohol or water soluble, and henna has been used for literally thousands of years. Eight year old Rayno Smit, from Perth, Australia, was on holiday with his family in Bali when he got a $ 10 oriental dragon henna tattoo on his arm. It should have faded in two weeks, but he had an allergic reaction to the dye. Rayno's mother, Leisl Smit, said that she fears her son's inflamed forearm will not fade, with doctors warning the scarring could be permanent. "It's devastating because I know I said yes to [him getting] it," Mrs Smit said. Rayno is now using steroid cream twice a day to reduce the scarring. Five year old Jed Rowe from Geelong suffered the same fate. He's been left with a 30cm raised, bright red scar on his back after he had an allergic reaction to a dye dragon design he received while on holidays in Nusa Dua, Bali. Despite regularly applying cream to reduce the swollen mark, it shows no sign of fading more than three weeks after it was applied. "The fear is he's going to have permanent scarring, or have to have skin grafts or cosmetic surgery," his father Paul told ninemsn news. Cannon Cribb, five, got a dragon tattoo on his Bali holiday. All was fine until the tattoo wore off completely and the entire area welted into the shape of the original image, some two weeks after it was first put on. The family now fear Cannon will be left with a life-long scar. Their doctor is treating the wound as a chemical burn, requiring mother Leiona Cribb to dress it several times a day and apply a steroid cream. "It looks as though someone has branded him with a red dragon," said Mrs Cribb. Mrs Cribb said she had had no idea until now, and wanted to warn others of the potential side-effects, saying: 'What if a little girl got a butterfly on her face?"
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