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Crossing The Line

by on Jul.30, 2014, under Animals, Culture, History, Racism, Religion, War and Terrorism

Islam is a paradoxical religion. Like Christianity, it has a history of using violence to advance the religion while preaching discipline and self-sacrifice. The Koran is the framework for Islam, just as the Christian bible is the framework for Christianity. And like Christianity, there are different sects of Islam. sunnishia It's hard to know how widespread some Muslim practices are, but people in the Western Hemisphere might find some of them discomforting. muslim_marriage The Prophet Mohammed had an 8-year old wife, so most Muslims wouldn't consider letting their daughters marry below that age. 8-year old Rawan from Yemen died on her wedding night. bachabazi01 Young girls aren't the only option available. bachabazi02 If you have enough money, you can have Bacha Bazi boys. bachabazi03 The boys are usually dressed in costumes, to dance and otherwise entertain their owner and his friends. Sex with young boys is neither considered to be homosexual nor illegal extramarital sex. cir015 Female circumcision is not practiced exclusively by Muslims but many of them consider it to be a cultural tradition. islam_hand Limbs, like hands and feet, may be cut off for various offenses, like stealing, or handling the wrong literature. It's usually done in public. muslim_stoned People are stoned to death for such things as sex outside of marriage, or associating with someone from another sect or religion. muslim_heads1 They behead their victims and proudly display their trophies. muslim_heads2 What could possibly be so horrible that it offends people like this? puppy_sibhusk The opening ceremony of the Commonwealth games recently held in Scotland features Scottie dogs, each representing a participating country. cgames01 Mohamad Sabu, the deputy president of the opposition Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party said, "Malaysia and all Islamic countries deserve and apology from the organizer. This is just so disrespectful to Malaysia and Muslims – especially as it happened during Ramadan. Muslims are not allowed to touch dogs, so the organizer should have been more aware and sensitive on this issue. It is hoped this incident can teach other Western countries to be more respectful in the future." cgames02 Dato Ibrahim Bin Ali, a far-Right politician, former MP and founder and president of Malay supremacist group Perkasa also called for an apology. "I think it is unbecoming. The hosts have not been sensitive enough – especially in a so-called knowledgeable and civilised society like Britain," he said. "It is shameful and has offended not only Malaysia as a Muslim country, but Muslims around the world." cgames03 We have it on good authority that Muslims don't like Scotland's other namesake famous product. whisky_springbank
A police force has apologized to Islamic leaders for the "offensive" postcard advertising a new non-emergency telephone number, which shows a six-month-old trainee police dog named Rebel.
The German shepherd puppy has proved hugely popular with the public, hundreds of whom have logged on to the force's website to read his online training diary. Police Poster Many Muslims believe that dogs are impure and therefore 'haraam' - or forbidden - except for use in hunting or farming, and that it is not hygienic to keep a dog in the house. They say that the "impurity of dogs is the greatest of animal impurities", and anyone who touches one must wash the body part that has come into contact with the animal seven times. puppies_sink We're not sure how that applies to postcards.
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by on Feb.24, 2013, under Crime, Culture, Family, Kids, Racism, Religion, War and Terrorism

Villupillai Prabhakaran, who was head of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil EelamLTTE), was proud of his son, 12-year-old Balachandran Prabhakaran as any good father would be. He kept his work and his family separate. rp-grad When Velupillai Prabhakaran was killed by Sri Lankan troops, it brought about the end of the 26 year long insurgency. Ironically Prabhakaran's death also came a day after the LTTE made a momentous announcement that it had decided to "silence its guns" as the "battle has reached its bitter end". But the Sri Lankan military, determined to have a total victory over the LTTE, continued the last of its mopping up operations. SRI LANKA No Fire Zone_Balachandran Prabhakaran_1.jpg Twelve year old Balachandran Prabhakaran was taken alive by Sri Lankan forces, and was seen sitting in a bunker wrapped in a blanket. SRI LANKA No Fire Zone_Balachandran Prabhakaran_2.jpg His captors gave him a snack. Then the executed him. bp-dead2 The Sri Lankan government has always claimed that Balachandran was killed in cross-fire but Callum Macrae, director of the documentary No Fire Zone which captured pictures of the boy when he was alive says that the photographs "rule out' that possibility." bp-dead There were five bullet wounds to the chest, and it was suggested that he was shot at close range as part of his skull was missing. Sri Lankan Army spokesman Brigadier Wanigasooriya reported, "No substantive evidence have been presented for us to launch an investigation."
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Sticky Fingers

by on Jan.30, 2013, under Crime, Culture, Health, Racism, Religion, War and Terrorism

In some Muslim countries, citizens are subject to Sharia law and are frequently punished severely for crimes. Amputation, whipping, and death by stoning are options even for relatively minor crimes.


The privilege of carrying out the punishments also carries the burden of the effort. Throwing softball-size rocks and wielding a whip are exhausting activities especially while you're trying to impress a crowd.


No Muslim is safe from punishment. Even women and children are subject.


Muslims already have public relations problems with the Western world over these primitive methods. And Iran is showcasing its developing technology by adding a modern touch to the process.


By fabricating a few additions, these ordinary machine-shop items can be turned into a multiple finger amputation machine, no axe or machete necessary.


The candidate-for-rehabilitation is led to the machine by hooded figures where his hand is held down by a toggle clamp attached to a metal plate.


Several people assist in the project. Two hold down the blindfolded prisoner while another turns the crank that lowers the saw blade, severing four fingers.

shariasaw4aFor the crowd's entertainment, the bloody hand is held up for view, then dipped in iodine to reduce the chance of infection and make sure that the prisoner can still sense intense pain.

The man was found guilty of theft and adultery by a court in Shiraz.


With modern innovations like this, accidents like the one above can be avoided.

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Space Invaders

by on Feb.20, 2012, under Crime, Culture, Food, Nature, Racism

Homeland Security, which now encompasses Immigration and Naturalization, works hard to ensure that they know what's going on inside our borders.

Nonetheless, through fortune, or with assistance, it's still possible to get into the US and, if you can find a good niche, thrive.

The success of the invasive species often comes at the expense of the natives.

People used to scare their kids with stories of alligators in the sewers, growing up from baby 'gators brought up from Florida as souvenirs and then dumped as they grew big. But you really don't hear about a lot of alligator attacks on sewer workers.

In the Florida Everglades, sightings of some medium-size mammals are down as much as 99 percent and it's thought that pythons and other non-native constrictors are responsible.

The National Park Service says 1,825 Burmese pythons have been caught in and around Everglades National Park since 2000. They believe that tens of thousands of them are living there. A recently captured Burmese python was 16' 5" long and weighed 156 pounds. How can there be so many? It becomes clearer when you look inside. This one contained 59 python embryos. With no natural predators scientists fear the pythons are disrupting the food chain and upset the Everglades' delicate environmental balance in ways difficult to predict. Presently they are causing mayhem in the Everglades where they are decimating native species, numbers of raccoons, opossums, bobcats and other mammals.

So please keep your pets on a leash.

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Forced Cuts

by on Sep.08, 2011, under Crime, Culture, Health, Racism, Religion

Some people have strong opinions about circumcision, but people rarely take it into their own hands to make their opinions felt.  
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