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Leo’s Headshot

by on Apr.19, 2015, under Crime, Health, Kids, Weapons

Leo Bernal's father heard the unlocked door open, and thought it was his 20-year-old son returning home. 8-year-old Leo had just gone to bed. A stranger wearing a hooded sweatshirt entered the Culver City, CA house, exchanged a few words with the father. leo4 The man opened fire, and some rounds penetrated the wall to the bedroom where Leo was lying in bed. Leo's dad ran into the bedroom to shield the boy as the gunman followed and continued to fire a total of 14 rounds. leo1 Leo was hit in the head . The boy's 17-year-old brother in the same bedroom was uninjured. leo2 Leo's skull had to be opened up to remove the bullet, and 23 staples in addition to 27 stitches were needed to close the wound. "My head kinda hurts right now, but I'm OK with it," the boy said as he sat on a bench outside Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. leo3 Leo's mother said that Leo is afraid to go home. "He's horrified." A motive for the attack is still not known, and the family has set up a GoFundMe account to help cover the cost of surgery.
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“Dick” Shot

by on Feb.15, 2015, under Games, Health, Kids, Recreation, Toys, Weapons

Ex Vice-President Dick "Dick" Cheney started the trend. dickcheney_shotgun While on a hunting trip, he shot 78 year old Harry Whittington, a Bush-Cheney campaign donor from Austin, Texas. #shootafriendintheface The injuries from birdshot are visible on his face as Harry Whittington, the man accidentally shot a.. Whittington had a heart attack after a piece of buckshot migrated to a heart muscle, but most of the other wounds were superficial. A grateful Whittington later appeared on television to apologize for the incident.

Medical drawing of injuries to Harry Whittington

"My family and I are deeply sorry for all that Vice President Cheney and his family have had to go through this week," Whittington said. But it was too late to prevent the new fad of shooting a friend in the face. #shootafriendintheface Six year old Yang Yang was playing with his cousin in Neijiang, in southwest China's Sichuan Province, when thy came across a gun. Yang's cousin, also six years old, picked it up and shot him in the face. yangyang3 The boys returned to their house about ten minutes later, according to their grandmother, who said, “They were crying, and Yang Yang's face had a huge hole, bleeding profusely.” yangyang2 Doctors removed all 325 pellets from the blast. yangyang1 Yang's father said that both boys were terrified at what had happened. Like Whittington, Yang is expected to survive, though there will be substantial scarring. shotgun2 But he's lucky. Shotgun wounds to the face can be much more serious. shotgun_forensic And apologizing to Dick Cheney won't make it any better.
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At the End of His Rope

by on Sep.07, 2014, under Crime, Culture, Education, Family, Kids, Weapons

Ten year old Tang Chu, who lives in Ghizhou, China was trying to watch his favorite cartoons when he became annoyed by a noise from outside. Tang_Chu_apt Workman Liu Mai was using his electric drill to install new lights outside the 8th floor apartment. While most ten year olds would probably be driven by curiosity, Tang Chu just wanted to stop the noise. He grabbed a knife from the kitchen, and cut the workman's safety rope. That left him dangling 100 feet up by a single rope. His workmate Zhang Pan heard his screams, and called firemen, who were able to winch Liu Mai to safety on the 11th floor. liumai2 Tang Chu said that the builders were too loud and it was distracting him as he tried to watch his favorite cartoons. He has since apologized for his actions. Father Tang Peng said, "He just didn't think. We have apologized and bought the man a new rope." liumai3 "We also gave him a good talking too and explained what he did was very dangerous. "He has promised he will not do something similar again. I think we may also need to take him for some anger management therapy." Just make sure the therapist keeps his voice down.
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Journalist’s Guide to Firearms Identification

by on Aug.10, 2014, under Crime, Education, Media, Weapons

Even though they report on crimes involving guns, most journalists don't know anything about firearms. gun_safety_kid So they've come up with a pictorial guide to help describe the guns they're talking about. journalist_firearm_id Below: A kid holding an AK-47 Assault Rifle handmade_gun
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Inside Story

by on Jul.31, 2014, under Art, History, Technology, Weapons

Sir Thomas Overbury wrote in 1613: "All the carnall beauty of my wife, Is but skin deep." renaissance-nude-lead We don't know anything about Overbury's wife, but we've always heard that it's what's inside that counts. Gun deaths have  declined 49% since 1993, nevertheless the extensive and shocking press coverage has polarized the United States on the subject of gun violence. gun_control030413 Scientists and engineers, in addition to gun enthusiasts, can understand the beauty of the designs behind certain firearms. They are machines, designed by brilliant minds of their times, and their esthetics often reflect the thought that goes to what lays inside. gunshop_1900 These x-rays by artist Nick Veasey turn these ominous looking weapons into fascinating art. The Smith & Wesson .44 revolver sw_44_l veasey-sw44 Walther PPK ppk_silenced_2 veasey-waltherppk Magnum Research Desert Eagle magde veasey_deserteagle Mauser C96 mauc96mag   veasey_mauserc96 Franchi SPAS 12 Shotgun SPAS 12 veasey_spas12   Anschutz 1418 Riflean1418ST   veasey_anschutz M1 Garand M1_Garand veasey_m1garand     Thompson M1928 "Tommy Gun" Thompson-M1928 veasey_thompsonm1 MG42 MG42 veasey_mg42 M14 M14 veasey_m14 M16 w/ M23 Grenade Launcher M2031 veasey-m16 M60 M60GPMG veasey-m60 H&K UMP-9 hk_ump-9 veasey_hkump

Gun X-rays © Nick Veasey

The x-ray pictures make these menacing weapons look intriguing and non-threatening. They become art.


bullet_skull03 bullet_scrotum
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Cat Shot

by on Feb.15, 2014, under Animals, Crime, Health, Weapons

A volunteer with the nonprofit organization One More Chance C.A.T.S. happened to be walking along a trail in Nisson Park in Washington City, Utah when he spotted an injured animal. catshot2 She was just laying on the ground, hiding under a bush," said Candice Zook, a volunteer with One More Chance C.A.T.S., an animal rescue group that spays, neuters and provides emergency care for injured stray cats throughout Washington County. catshot1 She had been shot by an arrow that passed through her face and into her body. A veterinary technician at the Washington Family Veterinary Clinic said the arrow looked to be about two feet long. “The arrow went in through her face to the left of her nose,” the technician said. catshot4 Initially, veterinarian Dr Jace King thought they would have to put the cat, described as a 1 year old lynx-point Siamese, down. catshot3 But an X-ray showed that the dart missed the cat’s vital organs, leaving her brain, heart and lungs, undamaged. catshot7 The arrow had gone through Quiver's head, passed through her esophagus, punctured a hole between her nasal passage and mouth, cut her tongue nearly in half and then came out of her shoulder blades. catshot9 The cat, named Quiver by the veterinary staff, underwent surgery to extract the arrow from her body. catshot10 Dr King sewed up the hole in her pierced palate and repaired the sliced tongue. catshot11 The sharp arrow left a half-inch diameter hole through Quiver’s nose and a wound in her esophagus, which was too deep for the doctors to patch up, forcing them to let it heal on its own. catshot12 Washington City police spokesman Ed Kantor reported that there were no suspects, and it's unclear whether someone shot the cat intentionally or recklessly. catshot13
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Die Hard

by on Aug.27, 2013, under Crime, Family, Health, Kids, Parenting, Weapons

When Clinton Kastanis died, he was nine years old. His six year old sister Christine also died that night. The children's mother, Margaret, was found dead with four stab wounds to the chest. Sam Kastanis, Clinton's father, told police he was outside in an unattached garage the morning of Nov. 17, 1991, the day his family was killed, yet heard no sounds coming from his house. Nonetheless, he was charged with four counts of capital murder, but later exonerated at trial. It was thought that Margaret, facing divorce, killed the children and herself. Clinton's death was especially macabre, and even the coroner was shocked. At first they thought that the stab wounds were the cause of death. But when the body was cleaned, other wounds became apparent. He had been stabbed 18 times, and hit in the head with a hammer five times. Edward Leis, an assistant medical examiner, described each of the wounds to a 3rd District jury Wednesday morning. He also detailed bruises and cuts the boy received on his hands while trying to fend off his attacker.Leis said he believes these "defensive wounds" show that the child tried to grab the killer's knife. One finger on the boy's right hand was nearly amputated. Leis also said the boy's brain was bruised and said some of the stab wounds entered Clinton's lungs and the sac surrounding his heart. Each of the wounds was inflicted when the boy was alive or just shortly after his death, Leis said. A collapsed lung and other injuries would undoubtedly have left the boy in a great deal of pain. "I would anticipate that if a small child is having pain or if he's being injured by another individual that he would be screaming," Leis said. The autopsy photos have not been released and therefore they appear in the gallery below. This program is intended for mature audiences and some people may find it offensive. Others may just cry.
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Life on the Edge

by on Jul.06, 2013, under Crime, Family, Health, Weapons

Julia Popova struggled with the attacker as he tried to grab her handbag as she was walking home from work. After the incident, she calmly walked to her parents' house in Moscow. When she got home her horrified parents noticed the copious bleeding and knife protruding from the wound. They rushed her to hospital. Surgeons were able to remove the blade, just a fraction of a cm. from her spinal cord, without permanent injury. russian_knifeattack One medic said, “Shock had kicked in and her body prevented her from feeling any pain. She simply walked home without feeling the knife in her back.”
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