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Where There’s Smoke

by on Jan.12, 2015, under Consumer, Drugs, Health, Technology

There's nothing as sophisticated as a cigarette. smoke_cool2 It makes you look cool in front of your peers. copii-fumat Despite reassurance from the cigarette manufacturers, we have doubts about the health benefits of cigarettes. Camels-smoke-a-fresh-cigarette-doctor In fact, smoking cigarettes can lead to problems, like cancer and death. smoking_death1 So what can you do to look cool and gain the admiration of your peers? ME_154_Cigarettes The technological solution is the E-cigarette. Elegant woman smoking e-cigarette with smoke wearing suit You have the elegance of a cigarette with a modern electronic flair. vape_cartNot only do you eliminate the smoke and some of the poisonous chemicals, but you can choose from a large selection of flavors. Ecigarette With the elegance of the e-cigarette and elimination of the respiratory hazards, smokers can be cool once more. But there have been some problems. e-cig02 One of the problems has been that the battery may explode while being charged. e-cig01 Although the hazard has been blamed on third party or improper chargers, it has been reported to have happened with the factory supplied chargers as well. ecigcar In Utah, an exploding e-cigarette set a child's car seat on fire. The three year old received second degree burns. ecigfire This fire displaced 30 people. ecigasp1 David Aspinall's e-cigarette didn't just start a fire when it exploded, it sprayed him with shrapnel. There was lots of blood, a hole in one leg, and gashes in another. ecigasp2 Aspinall spent nine days in the hospital, and will need skin grafts over the next three years. His apartment was destroyed. ecigasp3 Although he switched to e-cigarettes for health reasons, he has started smoking tobacco again. eciginj Having finally conquered the health complications of tobacco, e-cigarettes have made smoking cool again. kid_e-cig
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Chicken Fingers

by on Sep.10, 2014, under Consumer, Food, Technology

Chicken "from the Colonel" is pretty popular, and not just in the United States. They have stores in 115 different countries. In Japan, KFC is a popular Christmas meal, and people order it weeks in advance. kfc_sign Like other fast food restaurants, they occasionally have promotional chicken-based merchandise. kfc_corsage The chicken corsage should have your date eating out of your hand. eating-computer We know it's not a good idea to eat while you're using the computer. But sometimes we just can't resist that finger-lickin' good Kentucky Fried Chicken. So we're hoping to be one of the lucky winners of their latest promotion. To celebrate Kentucky Fried Chicken's 30th year in Japan, the fast food chain is holding a special competition through which fans can enter to win a selection of chicken-tastic prizes. These prizes aren't available in stores, and they won't make your fingers greasy when you're at the computer. kfc30_01 First, there's the chicken keyboard. Every single key has been designed to have a chicken drumstick, a thigh piece, or a chicken wing sticking out of the key. Although the actual definitions of the keys are in white next to the keys, for the most part, it's a coop of chicken, with only the letters "K", "F" and "C" as actual letter keys. The KFC logo replaces the Windows key and the keyboard also comes with a miniature Colonel Sanders standing by, as well as a KFC milkshake and a KFC bucket on the edges. kfc30_02 Urban legend says that some people have gotten a deep fried mouse instead of chicken. We don't believe those stories, but this KFC chicken mouse might give them legs. It only looks deep fried. It's really molded plastic. kfc30_04 For your sides, there's the fried chicken USB memory stick. kfc30_03To complete the fashion, and accessorize the KFC corsage, you could win these fried chick earrings on a silver chain. kfc_tokyo The Colonel Sanders Day competition runs from September 3 to September 24 and people can enter the competition by following the KFC Japan Twitter account and sharing a status about the competition on both Twitter and Facebook. kfc_chicken_bucket Coming up: Where chick nuggets come from. kfc_costume1  
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Inside Story

by on Jul.31, 2014, under Art, History, Technology, Weapons

Sir Thomas Overbury wrote in 1613: "All the carnall beauty of my wife, Is but skin deep." renaissance-nude-lead We don't know anything about Overbury's wife, but we've always heard that it's what's inside that counts. Gun deaths have  declined 49% since 1993, nevertheless the extensive and shocking press coverage has polarized the United States on the subject of gun violence. gun_control030413 Scientists and engineers, in addition to gun enthusiasts, can understand the beauty of the designs behind certain firearms. They are machines, designed by brilliant minds of their times, and their esthetics often reflect the thought that goes to what lays inside. gunshop_1900 These x-rays by artist Nick Veasey turn these ominous looking weapons into fascinating art. The Smith & Wesson .44 revolver sw_44_l veasey-sw44 Walther PPK ppk_silenced_2 veasey-waltherppk Magnum Research Desert Eagle magde veasey_deserteagle Mauser C96 mauc96mag   veasey_mauserc96 Franchi SPAS 12 Shotgun SPAS 12 veasey_spas12   Anschutz 1418 Riflean1418ST   veasey_anschutz M1 Garand M1_Garand veasey_m1garand     Thompson M1928 "Tommy Gun" Thompson-M1928 veasey_thompsonm1 MG42 MG42 veasey_mg42 M14 M14 veasey_m14 M16 w/ M23 Grenade Launcher M2031 veasey-m16 M60 M60GPMG veasey-m60 H&K UMP-9 hk_ump-9 veasey_hkump

Gun X-rays © Nick Veasey

The x-ray pictures make these menacing weapons look intriguing and non-threatening. They become art.


bullet_skull03 bullet_scrotum
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Heavy Metal ATM

by on Jul.23, 2014, under Consumer, Culture, Technology

You can find almost anything, from live lobsters to a new iPad, in a vending machine. But ATM's typically only dispense cash. atm_haloThey're so ubiquitous, you can find them in lots of convenient, safe locations. atm_graffitti Cash is king -- but not everybody wants the local currency. atm_cup1 Gold is the universal money standard. While its value may fluctuate, it's one of the most sustainable currencies in the world. Wouldn't it be great if you could get gold from the ATM instead of the local currency? emirates_palace If you're in Abu Dhabi, you can! The ATM at the Emirates Palace Hotel dispenses gold bars and coins. goldmoney The machine, which monitors the price of gold minute-by minute, offers small bars that weight up to 10 grams engraved with the Emirates Palace logo, as well as a variety of coins. Six coins of differing weights come engraved with a maple leaf, kangaroo and Krugerrand, symbols of the gold-producing nations South Africa, Canada and Australia. atm_gold3 Emirates Palace Hotel general manager Hans Olbertz said, “We seized upon this idea and, as one of the most exclusive hotels in the world, we wanted the Emirates Palace to play a pioneering role and be the first hotel in the world to offer its guests this golden service.” atm_display The machine is armed with various security measures, including anti-money laundering software. If the machine develops a fault, it will automatically shut down. A website that updates the price of gold every 10 seconds transmits the information to the ATM, which updates its rates every 10 minutes. atm_arab The Gold ATM is now being manufactured and distributed by PMX Gold, and machines are currently in place in Abu Dhabi, Germany, Italy, Spain, and at the  Town Center Mall in Boca Raton, Florida. atm_boca atm_madrid
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The Drive To Succeed

by on Jul.07, 2014, under Animals, Technology, Toys

Recent technology advances make it look like the self-driving car is just on the horizon. selfdrive01 It's not a new idea. There have been some early attempts, but they were quirky and not ready for the general public. herbie Some were unpredictable. selfdrive05 Others were just too complex and unaffordable. selfdrive02 But with industry giant Google developing a self-driving car that's already in the testing stages, we might actually see something that the average person can afford. selfdrive03 While it looks promising, we don't think potential competitors should give up yet. Volvo is one of the leaders in assisted driving vehicles. selfdrive12 To demonstrate the lightweight steering on its latest generation of trucks, Volvo modified the steering column on a Volvo FMX truck and engaged the assistance of mechanization expert Charlie. selfdrive11 Charlie, a hamster, controls the steering. selfdrive09 While the intelligence is built in, programming is performed by a technician, using the "carrot and stick" method. Actually he uses carrot sticks. selfdrive08 Charlie, from Oxfordshire, England, required a few weeks of training to master the new Volvo Dynamic Steering. selfdrive07 Steering around tight bends on a quarry road in northern Spain, Charlie is one more step in removing the human component in driving. selfdrive10
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How Time Flies

by on Feb.09, 2014, under Art, Miscellaneous, Technology

We offer our sincere apologies for the long time between updates. We arrived back later than expected. dmitriy-khristenko_time_machine  
Time Machine Design by Dmitri Khristenko
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The End of the Tunnel

by on Aug.20, 2013, under Health, Recreation, Technology, Toys

We know that when people get bored, they find ways to occupy themselves. If you have kids, you can be fairly certain that at some point they are likely to stick something up their nose that doesn't belong there.


It is normal for a child to explore his body, according to MedlinePlus. Children routinely place food, seeds, erasers, crayons, beads, and legos into their ears and noses. nose-lego-2 It's part of childhood, and most parents have admonished their kids to keep their fingers and other objects out of their noses. nose-finger Kids know that you can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, and you can even pick your friend's nose. dognose_finger By the time they're adults, they've grown tired of seeing what fits up the nose and start exploring other areas... like seeing what they can fit inside their rectum. We've already covered that -- complete with x-rays. light-bulb-rectum-xray For the truly adventurous, the wanderlust never ends, so what's left to explore? When a 70 year old man arrived at the Canberra Hospital Emergency Room in Australia, he was in intense pain and complaining about bleeding genitalia. He admitted that 12 hours earlier, he had inserted something into his urethra for his anticipated pleasure. The fork had lodged itself inside so firmly that it wasn't even immediately visible. fork-inside After using forceps and a lot of lubrication, doctors were finally able to remove the fork without permanent damage. According to the article, entitled ‘An Unusual Urethral Foreign Body’, it is very rare to find alien objects lodged in the lower urinary tract. The motives for inserting objects into such a sensitive region were difficult to comprehend. They said that practice tends to occur "during states of pathological masturbation, substance abuse and intoxication." urfo1


Pen in Urethra


Going Fishing?


Terminating an electrical connection


Electrical wires in urethra with a knot in bladder

While it's good practice to use a knot for strain relief on some electrical wires, it can make them more difficult to extract. In this case the electric cable made a knot in the bladder during the manipulation so that removal by pulling on the distal ends that were depressing into the meat of the urethra was impossible. Due to the fact that the diameter of the electrical cable was 5 mm, introduction of any endoscopical instruments was considered impossible. A removal attempt was made, however, the knot slipped from the bladder over the urogenital diaphragm into the bulbar urethra. At this point, no further mobilisation was possible and the cable had to be removed by open surgery.

As described in the past literature most foreign bodies are inserted into the urethra by psychiatric, intoxicated, confused or sexually curious patients. The most common reason still seems to be auto-eroticism.


We always thought that was a figure of speech.

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Point and Shoot

by on Jun.02, 2013, under Animals, Consumer, Education, Environment, History, Media, Nature, Technology

If you live in the U.S. and wondered who made the first movie camera, you were probably told that it was Thomas Edison. Edison-cine It's typical of the U.S., as it used to be in Western Europe, to ignore scientific and technological discoveries until we reveal them for ourselves. Not to belittle his accomplishments, but much of Edison's success was in making practical the inventions of others, and his business acumen. kinetoscope-1 Edison took the Zoopraxiscope invented by English photographer Eadweard Muybridge and turned it into the first true motion picture peepshow.

Old Fashioned Peep Show

In 1882, a few years before Edison created the modern pornographic movie industry, French scientist Étienne-Jules Marey wanted to capture the motion of birds and small animals to study their movement, a discipline known as chronophotography.

Etienne Jules Marey Seated In Laboratory

He invented the Fusil Photographique, or "photographic rifle", which allowed Marey to track his subjects while shooting his images, effectively developing the technique of "panning" the camera.


The magazine holds a light sensitive gelatin emulsion plate that's big enough for 25 frames. The exposure is through one of the 12 shutters in front of the plate and the camera could take 12 exposures a second.


Focusing was accomplished by changing the length of the barrel.


It predates the reflex camera. It's a point-and-shoot.

marey3The ultimate result is a collection of images that are viewed in rapid sequence.


We suggest a few basic rules:

  • Know when it's loaded.
  • Don't put your finger on the trigger until you're ready to shoot.
  • Don't have a finger in front of the barrel.

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Embraceable You

by on May.27, 2013, under Health, Technology

Bowlegs is a condition in which the knees stay wide apart when a person stands with the feet and ankles together. It is considered normal in children under 18 months, as the legs begin to straighten once the child starts to walk and the legs bear his weight. bowleg_pedia By around age 3, the child can usually stand with the ankles apart and the knees just touching. If the bowed legs are still present, the child is called bowlegged. Bowlegs may be caused by illnesses such as:
  • Abnormal bone development
  • Blount's disease
  • Fractures that do not heal correctly
  • Lead or fluoride poisoning
  • Rickets, which is caused by a lack of vitamin D
Divas Unite! Christina Aguilera and Cher turn the heads of a group of men as they film a scene for their latest movie "Burlesque" Bow legs may be useful for some professions. bowleg_cowkid brothel_deutsch If the case isn't extreme, often nothing is done. bowleg_blountx But sometimes surgery is indicated. Bowlegs do not go away and if not treated, may lead to arthritis in the knees or hips, and hip joint damage.


Braces are used to gradually lengthen the bones and straighten them.


The brace usually has to be attached to the bones, so holes are made to pass the bolts and wires through.


The bones move around 1 mm/day and the procedure can take four to six months.


The excruciating pain goes away after a few weeks and will hopefully eliminate the need for hip or knee surgery later on.

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The Forked Path

by on May.27, 2013, under Health, Technology

While the freight was being offloaded from the trailer, the truck driver was walking through the warehouse, having just left the break room. A forklift was unloading the trailer next to it; the driver didn't realize the truck driver was there. The forklift ran over the truck driver's left foot.and struck him with the frame, throwing him forward. forkacc The forklift came to rest with the truck driver's foot under a tire.


There was severe damage to the left foot and ankle.


The crushed toe was removed from his foot.


Thanks to the surgeon, it's almost like new.

"Every moment is a fork in the road. The path you take will shape your future."  
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