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The Natural Spread

by on Apr.19, 2015, under Art, Family, Food, Kids, Media, Miscellaneous, Recreation

When you're in the kitchen, it's natural to want healthy alternatives. For a long time, the popularity of butter was unchallenged for its special qualities. butter01 It was wholesome and natural, just the kind of thing you'd want for your children. butter02 But there were concerns about whether butter had some unhealthy qualities and people began to experiment with alternative substances. boy_shavecream3 Crisco became the popular substitute and its place was enshrined in the jokes of many late night comedians. cris01 It had the right texture. cris03 And it was digestible, in case you just couldn't resist that lovely pie. Le-Marche-St-George-Thanksgiving014-Remodelista For few years Crisco remained popular, but eventually people realized that it had its own side-effects. dhtinkage01 You had to use it in moderation. It was shortening. new_crisco The new formulation of Crisco eliminates the trans fat, but after recent medical studies, butter is coming back into favor. lolbutter Butter is wholesome and natural. It's better with butter! better_with_butter
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Best Laid Plans

by on Aug.18, 2014, under Miscellaneous

Sometimes the best way to cover up your illegal activities is to go underground. kremnos4 That was the idea of a resident of a property on McGills Road at Kremnos, in NSW Australia. kremnos3 A shipping container was buried underground like a survival bunker. Located in a remote area surrounded by bush, it looked like it would offer complete privacy. kremnos_fire1 But the McGills Road fire in Kremnos, part of a 700 hectare fire that threatened more than a dozen homes near Blackbutt Road and Curlew Drive, turned the area into a blackened wasteland. kremnos_after Once under fire, the secret was revealed. When police and RFS personnel inspected the properties around the area, they stumbled over some electrical wires in the dirt. kremnos5 The wires led to a hatch, which opened into the mysterious bunker. kremnos6 Equipped with high power lights and ventilation, the bunker was an ideal location for growing marijuana in secrecy. kremnos2 118 cannabis plants were discovered. The hydroponically grown marijuana emerged unscathed from the fire that destroyed the surrounding area and homes. kremnos1 A 68 year old local resident was arrested and charged with enhanced indoor commercial cannabis cultivation, drug supply, and drug possession.
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How Time Flies

by on Feb.09, 2014, under Art, Miscellaneous, Technology

We offer our sincere apologies for the long time between updates. We arrived back later than expected. dmitriy-khristenko_time_machine  
Time Machine Design by Dmitri Khristenko
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The Man Inside

by on Jan.26, 2013, under Animals, Food, Miscellaneous, Nature


"Give me a hand over here. It's still armed."

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Collateral Damage

by on Jan.08, 2013, under Health, Miscellaneous

When Janice Dunlop saw the accident unfold up ahead on the A27 near Arundel, West Sussex, UK, she acted fast to avoid damage by stopping and reversing away from the destruction. A27 ARUNDEL LORRY ROLLOVER She and her friend watched as a roll-off dumpster truck lost control on a curve, rolled-on to its side, and slid down a hill. Two cars were crushed by the truck before it finally stopped right in front of her silver Vauxhall Vectra. dunlop2 The victims included the 46 year old driver of a Toyota RAV4 and his 73 year old mother. Mrs Dunlop, from Littlehampton, said, "They looked very distressed and were clearly in shock, they were clutching at their chests. I felt awful for them." So she allowed them to sit in her car while they waited for rescue. Mrs. Dunlop was taken to a fire engine to keep warm. dunlop4 Meanwhile, the rescued pair began experiencing neck pains, and the paramedics and firemen decided to cut the roof off Mrs. Dunlop's car since the other vehicles were already too damaged to avail themselves of any further demolition. dunlop3 "I was in shock, especially after surviving the crash untouched, and I was dreading telling my husband Steve. I couldn’t watch. I know it is just a lump of metal, but I relied on that car and I loved it. It was the only car we have in the household and we can’t afford to replace it." The Dunlops are waiting to see if the loss  of their car will be covered  by insurance.    
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